AF Property,
Ospitaletto, Brescia, Italy

Capannoni - (AF) Züst Ambrosetti, Ospitaletto, Brescia, Italia - Moretti Modular Contractor

Strategically located in a brownfield area between the A4 and Brebemi: a location that allows for immediate access to the highway for transport vehicles, resulting in zero impact on local traffic.

AF Property,
Massalengo, Lodi, Italy

Capannoni - (AF) Züst Ambrosetti, Massalengo, Lodi, Italia - Moretti Modular Contractor

Overlooking the provincial road 23 Lodi-Borghetto, the new building was completed in just over 3 months thanks to a tight construction schedule. The work focuses on an existing logistics area and did not involve the development of new untouched areas. The construction of a new bypass serving the logistics hub facilitates wheel-based transport, avoiding any […]

Makita SpA,
Arluno, Milan, Italy

Capannoni - Makita SpA, Arluno, Milano, Italia - Moretti Modular Contractor

The ground floor is for production use. Here, in addition to the warehouse with 10 loading points and annexed office, a sanitary block and locker rooms, there is a product display area with an instruction and demonstration room, as well as the product reception and repair department. On the first floor, which is used for […]