Single-rib flat intrados roof slab (HEZ)

The single-rib flat intrados roof slab (HEZ) for flat roofs is produced in heights of 40 cm and 70 cm and has a lower layer with a modular width of 250 cm and a flat intrados, and a central vertical rib with variable thicknesses of 10 cm, 15 cm and 20 cm.

The single-rib flat intrados roof slab (HEZ) can be produced in widths smaller than the modular size of 250 cm and with variable lengths up to 25 m, depending on the specific project requirements, within the limits of structural feasibility, allowing ample flexibility in system dimensions. They are designed for high working loads usually between 5 kN/m2 and 30 kN/m2.

Tegolo mononervato a intradosso piano (HEZ) - Moretti Modular Contractor

The single-rib flat intrados roof slab (HEZ) has an upper slab with a modular width in relation to the width of the central rib of 115.5 cm for 10 cm rib, 120.5 cm for 15 cm rib and 125.5 cm for 20 cm rib. In this upper slab, there are two recesses that house a fretted metal sheet, which serves as disposable formwork for the structural screed, with thicknesses varying from 5 cm to 15 cm. This system, in addition to enhancing the mechanical properties of the product, performs the functions of load distribution and holding together the overall structure.

The structure with a single-rib flat intrados roof slab (HEZ) features high load-bearing capacity and significant fire resistance, as only the lower slab is exposed to the high temperatures generated by normalized fire.

The shape of the slab makes it easy to insert the holes required for the interface with the building installations.


  •  Flat intrados
  •  High static performance and fire resistance.
  • Reduced overall structural dimensions.
  • Lighter floor and roof weight.
  • Flexibility of structural composition.
  • Easy creation of holes for building installations.

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