Integrated solutions using wood, concrete and multi-materials for every architectural need

With the start of the industrialisation of building and the creation of the first construction system designed in 1967, Moretti was established as a pioneer in the prefabrication sector. This approach became a philosophy, in terms of the continuous search for new, diversified, flexible and strategic solutions.

Moretti’s construction systems offer customers, engineers and architects a wide range of integrated, modular and diversified solutions.

Our outstanding expertise is the result of an industrialised process that ensures rapid delivery times, cost certainty, technological innovation, safety and high energy performance.

Moretti produces its concrete and glulam construction systems internally according to the strictest standards.

The synergy of these systems, also integrated in multi-material steel, glass and stone solutions, allows us to devise efficiently and rationally complex solutions for every building category.

Wing roof slab system