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Castenedolo, Brescia, Italy

Moretti Modular Contractor has helped create a new prestigious and original look for the Ambrosi plant in Castenedolo, located along the Milan-Venice highway in a highly visible position. The large reinforced concrete panels, which cover the whole of the outer walls, feature a stone-effect surface created using a special matrix, which recalls the texture of parmesan cheese.

The exterior of the factory was renovated using 94 modular panels measuring 2.45×12.30 m. This amounts to approximately 2,800 m2 of original and stylish improvement to the image of this company — one of Italy’s leading dairy producers.

The white cladding is achieved through the application of a special photocatalytic paint, which improves the sustainability of the building, using nanotechnology titanium dioxide, which protects the reinforced concrete from carbonatation and enables photocatalysis, which reduces the NOx pollutants in the surrounding environment. The effect is enhanced by applying an underlying consolidating primer. The panels, totally customised to meet the customer’s needs, were ready-designed for the installation of the electrical system and with spaces to to house an LED lighting system to light up the wall in the absence of natural light.

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“Moretti is a Builder. This age-old quality allows him to tackle every idea, every project, every problem — from the earthquake-resistance of the building to the aesthetics of the finish — with innovation, simplicity and wisdom.”

Marco Medeghini, Engineer


Marco Medeghini


An engineering graduate from Politecnico di Milano, he began his career in the construction of complex structures. He has designed and supervised numerous public works and is a regular contributor to a variety of Italian technical and scientific magazines.

Moretti Modular Contractor designed and manufactured the special matrix for the construction of the new cladding.

Excellent dialogue between the customer and the design studio and Moretti Modular Contractor.


panels made using a special matrix



of façade cladding

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