Centro Ambrosart, Manno, Lugano, Svizzera - Moretti Modular Contractor

Centro Ambrosart,
Manno, Lugano, Swiss

The Ambrosart Center – which hosts the offices of Artisa Immobiliare SA – spans nearly 12,000 m2 and consists of two symmetrical buildings, each featuring a central body and a cubic structure that tops the facade. The ground floor, intended for commercial use, is characterized by large shop windows. The other levels accommodate spaces for laboratory use, offices, and administrative or representative activities.

Moretti Modular Contractor handled the design and construction of the entire structure, characterised by a body made of prefabricated concrete, with prefabricated staircase. Concrete infills with high energy performance enclose the volume.

The distinguishing and distinctive element of this construction is the fully glazed five-storey tower on the front corner of each of the two buildings: a cubic steel and glulam structure designed and built with great skill with 7-metre cantilevers hanging from the roof beam.

Project: Moretti Modular Contractor

"Moretti Modular Contractor is a company that has good technical skills: it knows how to develop projects with mixed materials and can find solutions even to the most complex design requests."

Stefano Artioli, President of Artisa Real Estate SA


To achieve performance that meets architectural requirements, the corner towers have been designed and constructed using steel structures and horizontal laminated wood infills, ensuring the required lightness.

The project development and construction saw close and continuous collaboration between Moretti Modular Contractor and the client.

7 m

the overhang of the structure, suspended from the roof beam


the levels of each of the two cubic glass towers

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