Collis Riondo - Monteforte d’Alpone Verona Italia - Moretti Modular Contractor

Collis Riondo,
Monteforte d’Alpone, Verona, Italy

Part of a complex innovation project that also included the complete renovation of the bottling line, the new warehouse built adjacent to the company headquarters in Monteforte d’Alpone effectively interprets the development plan of the Collis Riondo Group, a leading player in Italian viticulture with over 6,000 hectares of vineyards meticulously tended by more than 2,400 farmer members. The building, which serves as the logistical hub of the Group, spans an area of over 6,600 m2 and is 9 m high. It features a roof structure made of laminated wood with 35+35 m truss beams and a secondary framework with 25 m flat beams and Xlam cross-laminated timber panels.

Thanks to the meticulous design study developed by the technical office of Moretti Modular Contractor, indeed, the adopted solution allows for maintaining a single central pillar within the structure, saving space and enjoying significant logistical benefits.

Special roof package

The building is characterised by numerous high-performance choices in terms of thermal insulation and eco-sustainability. Along the perimeter, vertically developed prefabricated infill panels with an external finish of split Verde Alpi marble and false horizontal joints have been installed; made with “sandwich” technology featuring a thermal break, they are 30 cm thick and have an average thermal transmittance of 0.22 W/m²K. The heat-insulating package on the roof above the Xlam panels consists of a vapour barrier, double high-density rock wool panel with respective spacer battens, OSB panel, waterproof TPO layer, TNT fabric, and a final layer of natural pumice gravel ballast. Photovoltaic panels are installed on the inclined slopes that form the sheds, providing a final power of about 250 kW, and on a flat area with pumice, a metallic plate structure has been placed to accommodate all the systems

Project: arch. Paolo Giuriato

"Moretti Modular Contractor is a company that has good technical skills: it knows how to develop projects with mixed materials and can find solutions even to the most complex design requests."


The adopted solution, consisting of a laminated wood roof with 35+35 m truss beams, allows for maintaining a single central pillar within the structure, saving space and providing significant logistical benefits

Perfect adherence of the “turnkey” supply by Moretti Modular Contractor to the specific requests of the client, with particular reference to aesthetic, logistical, and technical choices (insulation and energy saving).


35 m

the width of the spans

6.600 m2

the area of the new logistics settlement



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