Diamant Holding, Bonferraro Di Sorgà, Verona, Italia - Moretti Modular Contractor

Diamant Holding,
Bonferraro Di Sorgà, Verona, Italy

To combine maximum functionality and sober elegance, without sacrificing attention to detail that can make it unique and recognizable: these are the elements that characterise the new multifunctional building of Diamant Holding, which houses production activities, an exhibition showroom, and spaces for corporate logistics, as well as services for the staff (locker room, cafeteria, infirmary).

Moretti Modular Contractor was responsible for the design and construction of the prefabricated structures of the building, which covers approximately 8,000 m2 (80 x 100 m) and is divided into four spans. The relevant work was completed in just 3 months.
The building is structured into four spans: the first and last have a span of 30 m, while the two central ones have a span of 20 m. From a construction standpoint, the uniqueness lies in the 30 m roofing tiles that span across the bays, and the significant 2 m high and 20 m long “I” beams. To ensure high brightness inside and the best air-light ratio, the building has, over almost its entire surface, a roof made up of vertical Sheds with electric opening. Another distinctive feature of the industrial complex is the choice made on the external finishes: the vertical infill panels were made in two different colors, glossy ebony black and Carrara white. This solution, besides virtually dividing the building into two halves, gives it a particularly theatrical visual effect.

Project: Studio Padovani


To ensure large spans, 30 m roofing tiles have been designed and implemented in the two widest spans.

Technical collaboration with the design studio and with the construction company that handled the preliminary part (excavations and foundations) and the ancillary works.

30 m

the length of the roofing tiles

8.000 m2

the surface area of the building

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