Facciata Esterna - Expo Fiera Verona, Verona, Italia - Moretti Modular Contractor

Expo Fiera Verona,
Verona, Italy

Designed with the functional objective of constituting a true entrance to the East Gate of the exhibition center to manage entries and exits from the area in a modular and orderly fashion, especially during peak times, the laminated wood structure for the access portal to EXPO Fiera Verona is made up of a multitude of elements that, when assembled together, give a harmonious profile to the structure.

In contrast to the curved facade, a ceiling with vertical wooden slat panels follows the portal’s contour, adding dynamism to the ceiling. The continuous color contrasts lend depth to the entire setup. The characteristics of laminated wood—its warmth, naturalness, and lightness—enhance the structure and emphasize its welcoming and hospitable function.

From a construction perspective, the structure, standing 7 m tall, consists of 6 laminated wood portals. Three of these are 58 m long and the other three are 36 m long, with intervals marked by steel pilasters. The roofing is made of horizontal laminated wood. In the spaces between the various portals, multilayer panels that replicate their design were used. The construction and installation time was particularly compressed: the entire structure was assembled and completed in just one month.

Project: A70 Studio

"We always appreciate how Moretti Modular Contractor manages to translate our needs, supporting us from a technical perspective and ensuring reduced operational times."

Michele Segala, Architect


A70 Studio

A studio of architects and designers operating in the field of interior architecture, specialized in the design and setup of work environments, sports and recreational activities, and spaces for hospitality and leisure.

Ability to translate the architectural design of the structure with laminated wood, providing effective solutions even in the most complex points, such as the beam/column joints.

Full collaboration of the company with the design studio during the static study phase and in the implementation and installation phase.

58 m

the length of the three longest portals


the laminated wood components that form the entire structure of the portal

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