Scale - Fratelli Martini - Cossano Belbo, Cuneo, Italia - Moretti Modular Contractor

Fratelli Martini,
Cossano Belbo, Cuneo, Italy

The impressive barrel room, set over two levels and designed to recall Aztec architecture, is the heart of Cantina Fratelli Martini Sant’Orsola. The first level, which can accommodate up to 6,000 barriques, features a structure made of concrete and laminated wood and is marked by central passages that divide the cellar into four sectors. The cellar has a concrete system with cross vaults on a 6×6 m structural grid, flanked by other groin vaults in laminated wood with a rectangular layout.

The four identified tunnels have wooden vaults converging into a central shaft, closed by a laminated pavilion with a square footprint (25×25 m). The second level, where there is also a terrace of more than 2,000 square meters, is accessed by a major staircase, also in industrialised construction, that leads to the gallery, overlooking the cellar, on which stands a 24-m-high pyramid of laminated wood and glass summit dome. Externally, the barrel room is clad with prefabricated Prun stone panels in a bundle, creating a dramatic visual effect.

The main structure of the barrel room includes curved diagonals with a constant cross-section of 20×53.3 cm, crossed at the apex and connected via a 4-way metal plate and pegs. The key also converges the straight-axis ridge beams with a section of 20×43.3 cm, equipped with local pockets for housing the secondary framework. This latter is composed of curved joists with a constant section of 16×23.3 cm, set clear of the main framework and fixed with dowels and chipboard screws. The main structure of the pavilion includes diagonal braces with a section of 22×106.6 cm, anchored to the ground with a male-female metal hinge; at the top, they are attached to the 16×150 cm skylight beam with a 3-way spiked metal bracket. The secondary structure includes purlins with a section of 10×23 cm, spaced at 100 cm intervals, resting on a half-timbered sill, clear of the diagonal braces and skylight beam.

Project: Moretti Modular Contractor

"Moretti Modular Contractor is a company with strong technical skills: it knows how to develop projects with mixed materials and can find solutions even to the most complex design requests."


The use of a concrete cellar system with groin vaults on a 6×6 m structural grid is combined with the use of laminated wood for the construction of the vaults, the pavilion, the staircase, the gallery, and the pyramid.

Development of the design solution by the technical office of Moretti Modular Contractor, promoting the maximum integration of wood and concrete in three-dimensional forms, with full satisfaction of the client’s requests.


the barriques that the barrel room can accommodate

24 m

the height of the laminated wood pyramid

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