Soffitto palestra - Lauro Grossi, Collecchio, Parma, Italia - Moretti Modular Contractor

Lauro Grossi,
Collecchio, Parma, Italy

The roof realised for the Lauro Grossi multi-purpose sports facility in Parma is characterised by the original choice of having the warping along the length of the sports field, as opposed to the usual transverse warping. This led to the preference for a push-through structure with glulam arches with a free span of no less than 84 m, one of the largest ever realised with this typology. The main frame consists of five lowered glulam arches with a cross-section of 22×220 cm at a spacing of 7 m, complemented by a secondary frame of glulam purlins.

The roofing package is made of three-layer glulam panels, combined with a vapour barrier, rock wool insulation and waterproof sheathing, retaining battens and pre-painted corrugated sheet metal laid on wooden counter-battens. The bracing is provided by steel tie rods arranged in the shape of a ‘St Andrew’s cross’ in the two central spans.

To complete the work, the façade structures were built, which, due to an increase in the covered area required during construction, also take on the function of bearing the load of the eaves overhang of the secondary frame, originally planned to be cantilevered. Hence the unusual scheme, consisting of uprights bearing an interlocking metal element at the top, which in turn supports a curved glulam dock element. The stiffening of the façade pillars, having a cross-section of 12×50 cm and a spacing of 2.5 m, was achieved by means of tubular metal elements placed between the uprights themselves. The foundation structures, capable of absorbing the considerable thrusts of the main frame, were built by means of a reinforced concrete slab measuring 7x35x1.6 m in depth, supported by a reinforced concrete “tooth” one metre deep below the foundation level and bearing a series of five reinforced concrete baffles at the main arches that support the considerable steel connection hinges.

Project: arch. Marco Contini.

"Moretti Modular Contractor is a company that has good technical skills: it knows how to develop projects with mixed materials and can find solutions to even the most complex design requests."


From studying the optimal solution to ensure the maximum span of the openings to designing the facade structure, down to decisions related to the foundation structures: the design office of Moretti SpA has effectively resolved every request.

Perfect adherence of the implementation to the basic design idea, with the “custom” industrialization of each element.

3.350 m2

the covered surface

84 m

with a clear span, one of the widest ever made

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