Le Rondinelle, Roncadelle, Brescia, Italia - Moretti Modular Contractor

Le Rondinelle,
Roncadelle, Brescia, Italy

In just 4 months, Moretti Modular Contractor completed the demanding global renovation of the Le Rondinelle shopping centre. It was a challenge that saw the simultaneous commitment of several teams of workers, for a total of about 50 people involved on site, in order to respect the rigid timetable defined and, at the same time, offer a quality response to the client’s requests. The intervention, designed by Design International, involved both the interiors and exteriors of the vast complex, with the aim of giving new life to the structure through a more modern, bright and welcoming design, as well as aesthetically appealing.

In particular, on the outside, a high band of micro-perforated sheet metal cladding with a floral pattern effect was used, the façades were replaced with a more transparent full-height glass, vertical green areas and canopies with polycarbonate honeycomb roofing and perforated sheet metal false ceiling were inserted near the entrances, and LED walls with great scenic impact were inserted.

The renovation of the interiors was based on the concept of differentiation of the different areas, creating different malls offering different shopping experiences and favouring greater liveability of the Centre. All the fronts of the 90 shop windows were raised and the brand signs were given greater visibility; technical materials such as marble, steel and back-painted glass were also used for the wall coverings. The vaults of the malls and galleries have been redesigned, creating more diffuse light through the insertion of louvres. Wood is the protagonist of the food court, animated by plays of light and light projections on the walls.

Project: Design International

"Moretti Modular Contractor is a company that has good technical skills: it knows how to develop projects with mixed materials and can find solutions to even the most complex design requests."


Overall management of the intervention in all its phases, within extremely tight timelines.

Effective coordination between the different construction teams and the elaborate project by the British firm Design International.


the months of construction, according to a strict schedule


the fronts of the store windows of the center subject to the intervention

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