Vaulted architectural system with 7x7 structural framework

The main element of this system is a barrel vault. This type of roofing forms a square structural framework of 7×7 metres. The support structure is protected on round columns with a diameter of 60 centimetres, complete with capitals to support the beams with arched intrados and flat extrados that support the vault. An effective on-ground infill wall organically completes the system, which, at the customer’s discretion, can be supplemented with a slab floor and prefabricated reinforced concrete barrel racks.

Sistema architettonico a volte con maglia strutturale 7x7 - Moretti Modular Contractor

1 Column Ø 60
2 On-ground infill wall
3 Beam
4 Barrel vault
5 Dallone roof slab
6 Edge slab
7 Cavity for installations


7.00 x 7.00 ml

Structural framework

4.000 kg

Max. overload

4.0 ml

Max variable H

Wineries completed

Sistemi modulari architettonici