Bellavista - Erbusco Brescia - Moretti Modular Contractor

Erbusco, Brescia, Italy

Cantina Bellavista presents itself as an extremely articulated structure designed to meet the diverse functional needs of production and hospitality, yet perfectly integrated into the natural context of the hill that hosts it. Indeed, the scale of the intervention, which spans approximately 15,000 m2 , is not fully appreciated until one visits the facility. The two main galleries, from which various side tunnels branch off, mimicking the typical structure of Roman constructions, penetrate into the hill, with only the reception structure, made of glulam and glass, emerging from it.

The service structures for the cellar activities and the warehouses, clad in terracotta, are completely masked, also thanks to the lush vegetation that covers them. In this sense, it can be said that Cantina Bellavista embodies the essence of environmental compatibility that characterises the construction philosophy of Moretti Modular Contractor.

In Bellavista, the prefabricated cellar architectural system with a structural mesh of 6×4.80 m is applied for the first time. The heart of the system is the sail vault, integrated by perimeter small vaults of completion dimensions 6×1.2 m and 4.8×1.2 m. The support structure is designed with square pillars of 50×50 cm section, complete with capitals for supporting the vault. The peripheral support configuration is entrusted to lateral and corner screens, with the function of counteracting horizontal thrusts. The system is completed with an effective earth-retaining closure, related to the previous partitions.

Project: arch. Paolo Dabbeni, Moretti Modular Contractor


Application of the Moretti Modular Contractor cellar system with 6×4.80 mesh vaults. Adoption of solutions that have allowed for significant expansions over time, fully integrated into the hill.

Total integration of the winery into the hill’s geomorphology, characterized by maximum eco-environmental compatibility and respect for the land.

15.000 m2

the development of the winery through a series of expansion interventions carried out over time

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