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Moretti Modular Contractor offers turnkey solutions for large multi-material prefabricated buildings for public and private construction.

From realising construction systems to delivering a turnkey building, we guarantee an integrated process marked by Moretti quality and reliability. Our story is founded on innovation, architectural awareness and sustainable solutions for local development through the construction of socially responsible buildings.

One vision, one business.

A family business.

Building is a passion in our family and a profession spanning more than 20 generations.

Vittorio Moretti has led and inspired those around him for over 50 years with his vision for the future of business and the region.

Moretti: expertise in all areas of construction

Construction versatility, unwavering reliability and specialist know-how are the requirements for innovative projects of high technological and architectural value.

A service that can be tailored to any need

Moretti Modular Contractor is the expert interlocutor in the management of all contracted work processes with end-to-end control.
A service that can be tailored to the specific needs of each project and the needs of the customer.

Solutions and systems for engineers and construction companies

The capacity to produce concrete and timber elements in its own factories, combining them with stone, glass and steel in systems that are both rational and extremely flexible is the hallmark of Moretti Modular Contractor, the ideal partner for very complex architectural projects.

Moretti Journal:
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Gruppo Terra Moretti

Starting with what the land has to offer to invest and put down roots for the future

Founded in 1996, Gruppo Terra Moretti brings together the companies founded by Vittorio Moretti, operating in the construction, winegrowing and hospitality sectors.

Terra Moretti is a dynamic vision, a big family that is constantly exploring new horizons.

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