Winery Asset Class

From the experience of a group that produces excellent wines, Moretti understands by tradition the specific needs of winemaking companies. Since 1977, the year the first winery was built using a prefabricated concrete system, we have built over 300 in total, from Trentino to Sicily, to respond to every stage of the winemaking process: production, ageing, bottling, logistics, reception and tasting.

Architectural systems

Being part of the Gruppo Terra Moretti, which includes a number of prestigious companies in the sector – Bellavista, Contadi Castaldi, Petra, Sella & Mosca, Teruzzi & Puthod and Tenuta La Badiola – makes Moretti a complete intermediary, capable of understanding fully the very specific needs of the winemaking sector.

Historical know-how is expressed in the completion of buildings whose architectural design becomes a vehicle for communicating the complex identity of a winery, integrating it harmoniously into its surroundings.
Moretti’s turnkey solutions include every stage of creating the building, starting with the architectural design, which is always realised through direct contact with entrepreneurs, oenologists and cellar engineers.

Our underground wine cellars adopt a patented industrial prefabrication system in reinforced concrete, available in several versions, which fulfils the dual function of support and containment.

Our Wine Cellar System combines safety, solidity and beauty to create the ideal environment and microclimate for the production of excellent wines, even in the most complex morphological contexts.

Moretti’s solutions always involve the combination of cutting-edge multi-material structures with unprecedented architectural and stylistic choices, always aimed at enhancing not only the wines, but also the terroir and winegrowing tradition.

Wineries completed