Donnafugata - Marsala, Trapani Italia - Moretti Modular Contractor

Marsala, Trapani, Italy

The architectural expertise in wine facilities developed over the years by Moretti Modular Contractor is exemplified in the expansion project at the Donnafugata winery in Marsala. The work spans approximately 3,200 m2 and is structured across multiple levels. The new barrel room is located at the basement level, crafted using a 7×7 structural mesh to optimise cellar space management and support large overhead loads, while maintaining ideal climatic conditions. A walkway with a balcony, made of glulam, located at the intermediate level, offers visitors an impressive view of the elegant environment, marked by the light vaults and tulip-shaped capitals crowning the pillars. Above ground, the construction continues with the new bottling and warehouse area, with a structure made entirely of glulam and roof tiles, with a design reminiscent of typical Sicilian architecture.

The 7×7 m structural mesh system designed by Moretti Modular Contractor, first used for the underground cellar of Donnafugata, offers multiple aesthetic and functional advantages. The system features 60 cm diameter pillars with tulip-shaped capitals supporting arched vaults that act as floors. These pillars support double-supported ‘Dallone’ vaults, which provide great load-bearing capacity. Between the vaults and the beams, a cavity functions as an air “plenum” that saturates the entire space and, thanks to the intake grilles located at the base of the pillar, ensures ideal air conditioning of the environment. From a structural standpoint, this solution balances the forces on the foundations, also thanks to the specific counter-earth infills created.

Project: arch. Leone


The prefabrication system meets the static requirements of the structure with a solution that epitomizes utmost architectural elegance and highest functionality.

The solution proposed for the new barrel room fully adheres to the client’s requirements and their commitment to total quality, seamlessly blending tradition and innovation.

3.200 m2

the development of the winery on multiple levels.

7×7 m

the development of the winery on multiple levels.

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