BIM library

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the most advanced application in the field of building design. The dynamic BIM model is a holistic resource containing all information related to a building project, from initial design through construction to demolition.
This tool is essential to facilitate the employment of Moretti Modular Contractor solutions for architects, construction companies and stakeholders in the building industry.


Real-time rendering

The use of BIM objects created using Revit allows designers to generate incredibly realistic 3D renderings using the construction solutions provided by Moretti Modular Contractor.

Full customisation

Engineers who wish to customise Moretti systems can make the necessary changes to the product and make the updated file available in very little time.

Reinforcement modelling

BIM allows us to go beyond simple shapes and dimensions, with the possibility of improving structures, sleeve connections and end finishes for the use of reinforcement.

Integrated automation

The Structural Precast Extension function, native to Revit, allows the integration of design modules for prefabricated buildings, enabling Moretti to support the engineers from design to installation.

Download free BIM objects