More than 3,200 industrial buildings, 420 wineries, 710 office buildings and hotels, 1,100 public buildings, 1,700 commercial buildings and more than 130 logistics centres, for a total of 7,260 buildings. Moretti’s multi-sector expertise can be seen in its wide variety of completed projects.

Man, his land and his values are key to successful building according to Moretti. More than 50 years of architectural works testify to our firm conviction that the quality of buildings and the environment are fundamental to living well. Quality is a concrete principle, which leads to beyond standards and expectations, towards a continuous trend of progress, to address increasingly complex needs of wellbeing and sustainability.

A building is a space created for whoever will live in it and must respond to their needs and engage with their emotions.

Moretti has always strongly believed that the responsibility of those who design and build must be firm and strong, which is why every project follows the principles of solidity, functionality, safety and beauty.

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