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Castiglione Della Pescaia, Grosseto, Italy

The renovation project for the La Badiola estate developed from an awareness of the historical importance and beauty of this place, a favourite of Leopold II of Lorraine, Great Duke of Tuscany. The renovation work included the building of the country villa, which is flanked by an agricultural body and rural buildings that form a true farmhouse in the typical Maremma rural style, also recovered with original materials where possible or reconstructed using prefabricated elements.

The entire structure presents itself with exquisite architectural harmony, to which the use of glued laminated timber, placed in synergy with the prefabs, contributes. In the villa and the farmhouse, which are connected by a winter garden, are 33 rooms that enjoy an enchanting view of the surrounding countryside, covered with olive groves and vineyards. Architect Ettore Mocchetti has succeeded in transforming the ancient estate into an exclusive place of relaxation and wellness, in the sign of the most authentic Tuscan traditions.

At the beginning of the renovation works, the complex had four large buildings, three medium-sized outbuildings, two recently built stables and several smaller outbuildings. The 12th-century hermitage, formerly a monastery, was the only structure that was in fair condition, as it had been recently restored. With the renovation work, carried out entirely by Moretti Modular Contractor, every detail of the estate was brought back to its original appearance where possible, or harmonised with the aesthetic principles followed for the two main complexes, villa and farm. The original structures, mainly wooden beams, were made to work together with reinforcement structures made of prefabricated concrete or steel elements. This also made it possible to move the levels of the internal decks, recovering new heights and new volumes, while safeguarding the original wooden structures.

Project: arch. Ettore Mocchetti

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the year the villa dates back to, the true heart of the complex, subject to significant conservation recovery work./em>

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