Villaverde - Fagagna, Udine, Italia - Moretti Modular Contractor

Fagagna, Udine, Italy

The Villaverde Hotel & Resort was designed with a technological architectural language, in harmony with its surroundings. The building masks itself in the landscape among the moraine hills of Fagana, exploiting the morphological characteristics of the terrain and leaving only one front open, overlooking the golf course.

Certified Class A, the building has four floors with 38 rooms and is equipped with an air-conditioning system powered by a geothermal network with 40 wells reaching a depth of 200 m and heat pumps. Lighting is LED, photovoltaics are integrated into the parking beams and the roof is covered with green grass. Glazed surfaces and open spaces offer an intense experience of light, lightness and balance. The Villaverde Hotel & Resort offers two swimming pools, one outdoor with solarium and one indoor with whirlpool, Turkish bath, salt room, Finnish sauna, emotional shower, ice cascade, Wellness&SPA area and two restaurants. A 300 m long pedestrian walkway connects it to the club house.

In terms of construction, Moretti Modular Contractor built the entire structure of the Villaverde Hotel & Resort in steel, so as to be able on the one hand to comply with the original architectural design of a building as long as 120 m, with complex torsions and shapes reminiscent of a hyperbolic paraboloid, and on the other hand to ensure its ideal compliance with the strict anti-seismic requirements. This made it possible to use slender pillars, since they do not have to support the horizontal thrusts of the building, which are sent, through the use of ‘shock-transmitters’, to the four internal stairwells and the two ends of the complex. Another element characterising the intervention is the large 60 m long staircase, which runs along the retaining wall of the building, acting as a link between the four floors. The search for ‘made-to-measure’ also characterises the Villaverde Hotel & Resort in the finishes and furnishings, as well as in the structural solutions.

Project: arch. Alessio Princic

"The play of colours, the coverings, the designs of the rooms: everything has been thought out, designed, developed to give a unique object that can be visited even if only out of curiosity".

Alessio Pincic, Architect


Alessio Princic


Alessio Princic was born in 1958 in Udine and graduated in 1982 with a degree in architecture from the University of Ljubljana. From 2008 to 2016 he was a lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture in Maribor. He has participated in national and international design workshops and lectured at the universities of Milan, Trento, Ljubljana, Trieste, Venice and London. With the university, he develops new urban redevelopment projects that seek high residential, spatial and emotional quality.

Steel structure that follows the original architectural design and ensures compliance with earthquake requirements. Use of ‘shock-transmitters’.

Total search for ‘made-to-measure’ in structural solutions, furnishings and finishes. Maximum integration of the building in the territory


The wells of the geothermal network that power the air conditioning system

120 m

the linear development of the building’s structure

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