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Imecon Engineering,
Fiesco, Cremona, Italy

For Moretti Modular Contractor, being alongside companies embarking on a path of development means having a flexible approach in terms of design and construction in order to understand the evolving needs of the company and respond with timeliness, quality and technological know-how. This is the case with the new headquarters of Imecon Engineering, a dynamic Italian company specialising in the design, prototyping and production of innovative turnkey solutions in the field of digital proximity communication. The exponential growth of the company, founded in 2010, has led to the need for a gradual significant expansion of the building that includes the production activities and the showroom, bringing it, in two different phases, to the current 8,500 m2 of covered surface area. All this with a focus on sustainability and energy efficiency issues.

The first extension of Imecon Engineering’s headquarters coincided with EXPO2015. Thus, a prefabricated structure was built using deltaplane roofing tiles, insulated with a 16 mm rock wool panel and an additional 12 cm thick high-density sandwich roofing panel. A powerful photovoltaic system was installed above the roof of the building. Subsequently, the introduction of new glass and aluminium processing stages and a clean room for the assembly of components led to the need for a new extension with the construction of a further 5,000 m2, consisting of a main body 100 metres long and with 40 metres of light, arranged on two floors, flanked by another lower building to house offices, employee services and an exhibition hall. The roof of the two buildings is made of laminated wood and features twin trusses and roofing with 16 cm thick polyurethane sandwich panels with thermal break.

Project: arch. Antonio Pandini

"Moretti Modular Contractor is a company that has good technical skills: it knows how to develop projects with mixed materials and can find solutions to even the most complex design requests."


Roofing solutions that combine large spans with the highest energy performance.

The ability to communicate with the designer and client to identify the most suitable responses to the evolving needs of a rapidly growing company.

39 m

span of the double-sloped laminated wood beam

8.500 m2

the overall development of the building after the two expansion interventions

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