Porta Di Roma, Roma, Italia - Moretti Modular Contractor

Porta Di Roma,
Rome, Italy

Renovating to keep up with new trends in the architecture of commercial exhibition spaces and the more contemporary needs of operators and customers. This is the objective that determined the restyling of the Porta di Roma Shopping Center, completed by Moretti Modular Contractor based on a project by the American architectural firm H2G, thanks to a proven organization that saw the construction teams working, every day, for about thirteen months, during night hours, in order to always be able to make the center fully viable during opening hours. In particular, the renovation involved the 8,000 m2 of gallery and food area, arranged on two levels, as well as the domed roof. The intervention also included the construction of a new elevator in the gallery in front of the hypermarket, connecting the two commercial floors with the two parking levels.

There were three main aspects on which the refurbishing intervention of the Porta di Roma Shopping Center was developed. A first level of intervention involved the complete refurbishment of the gallery floor on the two levels with stoneware flooring slabs and related screed, after demolition of the existing one and elimination of all colored inserts. Also in the gallery, the existing suspended ceilings were removed, the entire service systems (plumbing, electrical and fire protection) were modified and implemented, and new suspended ceilings were laid. Finally, a third aspect of the intervention involved the shop windows of the gallery’s commercial spaces, which were partially set back and enlarged in height by inserting a metal fascia above the door and covering the walls with large-size (1×3 m) sheets of back-painted glass and Laminam.

Project: H2G

"Moretti Modular Contractor is a company with good technical skills: it knows how to develop projects with mixed materials and can find solutions to even the most complex design requirements."


Careful scheduling of time for the implementation of the different steps of the intervention.

All-round collaboration with the American design firm H2G, as well as with the center’s management company.


the months of construction work, carried out during nighttime hours, to ensure the spaces were usable during the day

120 m2

the surface area involved in the intervention, which affected the gallery and the food area, as well as the roofing

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