Expo Cluster, Expo Milano, Italia - Moretti Modular Contractor

Expo Cluster,
Expo Milan, Italy

During EXPO 2015, Moretti Modular Contractor was awarded the integrated contract for the construction of the Rice Cluster and the Cocoa & Chocolate Cluster, two of the thematic macro-areas of the exhibition. Each cluster was crossed by a pathway linking the tasting and relaxation area to the events area and the gastronomic performance area. Along this pathway, the buildings were positioned, six in wood and two with metal carpentry structures and wooden paneling for each cluster.

The buildings were designed with a modular system. The load-bearing structure of each building was completely made of laminated wood, covering a total area of about 1900 m2 . Each building extended over two levels, marked by laminated wood floors with framed roof panels, completely manufactured and finished in the factory. The vertical infill walls were constructed with a sandwich structure i.e .an insulating polystyrene panel covered on both sides with wood panels.

The buildings, structurally identical to each other, were distinguished by the shape and materials used on their facades. The Rice Cluster was clad in Alucobond®, reflective aluminum that mirrored the surrounding landscape scenically arranged like a rice field, with paths branching off between pools of water and rice plantations. The layout of the buildings was compact and linear, thus recalling the regular geometry of the rice paddies in its regularity. The Cocoa Cluster was characterised by a more random planimetric arrangement, as befits cocoa plantations, featuring amphitheaters inside. The same architectural language was evident in the articulation of the facades: vertical birch panels overlapped with steel structures painted white and cantilevered, covered with fabrics typical of the nautical environment, creating an effect between opaque and translucent to allow a dialogue between the structure and its coverings.

Project: Etiesse

"Moretti Modular Contractor is a company with good technical skills: it knows how to develop projects with mixed materials and can find solutions even to the most complex design requests."


Complete use of laminated wood for all structures, including the floors.

Integrated contract: Moretti Modular Contractor was the leading firm of the Temporary Association of Companies (A.T.I.), coordinating the activities of other companies in the “pool” (building contractor, electrical installations, mechanical installations, and metal carpentry structures). The project was completed in just 10 months, including the external setups.

740 m3

the wood used for the structures and cladding of the buildings in the two clusters.

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