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Il Centro Arese,
Arese, Milan, Italy

Arese Shopping Centre is the largest shopping centre in Europe, designed according to strict eco-sustainability criteria to obtain the prestigious LEED Gold certification. Designed by internationally renowned architects, Arese Shopping Center covers an area of over 1 million m2, 120 thousand of which are covered. It gives new life, in the name of innovation and sustainability, to the area once occupied by the Alfa Romeo factory. Connected by a cycle path to the heart of the town, Arese Shopping Centre defines a new visitor experience. Arese Shopping Center is not just a shopping mall, but a real city, made up of buildings, gardens and squares, each with its own identity. The project, realised by Moretti Modular Contractor in A.T.I. with Itinera – Gavio Group, involved thousands of workers for about 24 months in a synergic work, which involved the technical and production staff of Moretti Modular Contractor for both the concrete and wooden structures.

Due to the extraordinary size of the mall, Moretti Modular Contractor produced and installed a total deck of about 100,000 m2 with no less than 12,000 m2 of timber infill, sourced from Green Building Council certified sources. Wood was also used for the floors, canopies and roofs. For the latter, absolutely innovative solutions were adopted, guaranteeing more than 650 linear metres between the first and last pillars of the mall. The solution applied is among the largest roofs in ‘glulam beams’, structural glulam from sustainable sources, ever built in Europe. In particular, the largest mall has a main frame of 27 pairs of double-slope beams, with a maximum span of 40 m, resting on mixed concrete and steel round pillars. Wooden panels with factory prefabricated joists are used on the sides and roof. The entire structure is built according to the latest earthquake-resistant technical standards, with shock-transmitter connections linking the eight portions of the building.

Project: arch. Michele De Lucchi, arch. Davide Padoa (Design International) and Arnaldo Zappa (Sviluppo Srl)

“Arese Shopping Centre is a new shopping experience with roots dating back 500 years, when the streets became meeting places.”

Davide Padoa, Architect


Davide Padoa


Davide Padoa is the CEO of Design International and a graduate of the Faculty of Architecture in Milan. Padoa completed his studies in California at Pomona College and has since worked all over the world. He has been based in London since 1998, where he is part of Design International.

One of the largest glulam beam roofs in Europe. Single-pile columns. Innovative solutions to ensure adherence to costs and times and to the project idea.

Excellent collaboration between Moretti Modular Contractor and Itinera – Gavio Group (Temporary Association of Companies). Partnership with the international design team.

676 m

the distance between the first and last column in the shopping centre

100.000 m2

the total area of the floors and roof of the shopping centre

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