Facciata Negozi - Scalo Milano City Style, Locate Triulzi, Milano, Italia - Moretti Modular Contractor

Scalo Milano City Style,
Locate Triulzi, Milan, Italy

Realized with the aim of becoming a real new district, strongly integrated with the urban fabric and directly served by the metropolitan link road, railway network and ring roads, Scalo Milano City Style District rises on a former industrial area of 65 thousand m2, without any new land consumption, and spreads over 14 buildings housing 300 stores with the best brands in the fashion, food & design sectors. It stands out for its volumes, inspired by factories, with contemporary facades and avant-garde solutions and materials: glass (transparent and colored back enameled, for a total area of no less than 19 thousand m2), reflective surfaces and steel reflect the dynamic spirit of the city, playing with the reflections of natural light during the day and enhancing the brightness of the shop windows at night.

For its construction, Moretti Modular Contractor proposed to build all the roofs of the stores (about 10 thousand m2) in glulam instead of iron, as envisaged in the original design. Moretti Modular Contractor also handled the production and fabrication of all vertical prefabricated structures and concrete floors (about 30 thousand m2).

The buildings in the center, part of which are on two levels, feature an 8×8 m structural mesh. The panels used for the horizontal store infills are thermal break, with excellent energy-saving performance and environmental comfort. The glulam roofs show very complex slopes: they were designed to be made in the factory and then to be assembled on the ground and then erected.

Project: Cotefa Engineers & Architects

“For Scalo Milano we worked on real estate project designed and adapted, in every form, to the needs of those who will live there.”

Carlo Maffioli, Promos Chairman


Identified a glulam roofing solution to reduce production and assembly time.

Partnership with Unieco (general contractor of the intervention) and the design firm

10.000 m2

the glulam roof

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