Bindella - Montepulciano, Siena Italia - Moretti Modular Contractor

Montepulciano, Siena, Italy

A winery entirely developed on a horizontal plane, which fits perfectly into the hilly morphology of this territory overlooking Montepulciano, taking advantage of the natural level difference between the nineteenth-century farmhouse that characterizes the historic village of Cercognano and the extensive vineyard that surrounds it for about 50 hectares, within an estate of a total of 140 hectares. This is the design idea that defines the new Bindella winery, whose image is characterized by the use of construction materials that recall nature – bricks, wood, glass, and earth – expertly mixed together.

The building is designed to blend completely into the landscape, thanks also to the roof garden, the reinforced earth embankments, and the extensive 600 m2 gallery in glulam and solar panels that shelters the equipment used in the fields.
At the same time the building interprets the idea of a winery in a modern and functional way, facilitating a dialogue between workspaces and visitor pathways for an unforgettable experience.

Moretti Modular Contractor contributed with its prefabricated concrete systems and glulam structures to the organisation of the interior spaces, all perfectly air-conditioned according to their different uses with a system that alternatively employs natural and artificial ventilation. The production area of the winery, topped by a large laminated wood roof with inverted trusses, is separated from the barrel room, a true underground temple that spans 1500 m2 and features the Moretti Modular Contractor winery module 7×7: beneath its vaults painted in a distinctive “Giotto blue” and within its imposing pillars, the air conditioning system and the mist humidification system are housed. The barrique cellar is overlooked along its entire perimeter by a large suspended wooden walkway, embellished with sculptures and ceramics: this is the bridge across which the visitor’s itinerary winds its way, and on the opposite side, thanks to a series of large windows, it is possible to discover part of the production cycle and see the area dedicated to the drying of the vin santo grapes.

Project: Studio arch. Fabio Fiorini and Franca Salerno

"The expertise in BIM design, common to our studio and Moretti Modular Contractor, has allowed us to interact positively and translate our needs into technical solutions in the field of prefabrication."

Fabio Fiorini and Franca Salerno, Architects


Fabio Fiorini, Franca Salerno


The Studio Fiorini Salerno combines creativity and technical skills, ranging from architectural composition to executive design, and up to construction supervision. The architects’ approach is based on listening and dialogue, with the aim of pursuing formal, economic, and functional requirements that translate into a tailor-made project where every detail deserves care and passion.

Proactive interaction between Moretti’s technical office and the design studio, both structured to work with BIM.

Integration in the vaults and pillars of the Moretti Modular Contractor 7×7 cellar system of the air conditioning units and the mist humidification system for the barrel room.



the Moretti Modular Contractor cellar system with vaults used for the barrel room.

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