Moretti Modular Contractor works alongside the entrepreneur in the execution of turnkey contracts for large prefabricated buildings

From the initial consultation, to customised design and the delivery of the turnkey building: Moretti guarantees superior quality, technical expertise and end-to-end services for sustainable, innovative and socially responsible designs that meet the needs of any big development project.

From world-class wineries such as Petra and Donnafugata, to large shopping centres such as Nave de Vero and Porta di Roma, leisure centres and sports facilities, production plants such as Ambrosi and Bulgari, housing, offices, schools and logistics facilities.
Moretti applies a flexible approach that adapts to each requirement in a customised manner to meet the customer’s needs and adhere to the peculiarities of every project.

Working in synergy with the contractor and their trusted engineers, Moretti implements the best technical and construction resources to guarantee cost and time certainty for every project.
The capacity to produce concrete and timber elements in its own factories, also combining them with stone, glass and steel, makes Moretti the ideal partner for the realisation of highly complex architectural projects.


Costs and times

Moretti guarantees transparency and cost and time certainty for every project. Moretti’s end-to-end service makes it possible to control every design phase in order to plan every phase of the project precisely.

Collaboration and co-design

The open and continuous dialogue and collaboration with everyone involved is reflected in innovative and highly customised solutions that meet even the most specific demands of every project.

Modular service

Adaptable and customisable to specific needs. Modular Contractor’s service provides the contractor with support throughout the whole process of designing and constructing a building, or only in certain phases, according to need.

Integrated materials

Concrete and glulam, incorporated into multi-material systems that include steel, glass and stone, offer complete and flexible solutions that can be adapted to any application.

Projects over the last 5 years


Industrial buildings




Commercial buildings


Public buildings


Service sector


Logistics centres

More than 3,200 industrial buildings, 420 wineries, 710 office buildings and hotels, 1,100 public buildings, 1,700 commercial buildings and more than 130 logistics centres, for a total of 7,260 buildings. Moretti’s multi-sector expertise can be seen in its wide variety of completed projects.


From the use of certified raw materials to the adoption of systems and procedures that guarantee the quality of a building and the safety of its builders, the use of processes designed to minimise the environmental impact of a building, during the construction phase and throughout its lifespan.

The strictest European and international standards have always governed Moretti’s ethical approach and commitment, guaranteeing safety, quality and compliance with environmental regulations. Every phase of the construction process is monitored and guaranteed, with a view to the continuous pursuit of sustainability and innovation.


Moretti works alongside entrepreneur to produce large prefabricated buildings in the industrial, commercial and civil sectors, offering a modular and end-to-end service, capable of transforming every contractor’s vision into an extraordinary construction.

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