Smiljan Radic Chapel,
Venice, Italy

Facciata esterna - Smiljan Radic Chapel, Venezia, Italia - Moretti Modular Contractor

With an extremely textured appearance, the chapel has a truncated cone shape. Five meters high, it is made of 8 reinforced concrete ashlars 10 cm thick from a factory-built three-dimensional formwork; the ashlars have an inner matrix of bubble wrap and a sandblasted stained outer side. The floor is also made of cement slabs with […]

Giovanni XXIII Hospital,
Bergamo, Italy

Entirely built by Moretti Modular Contractor with prefabricated elements, it has a different color scheme for each floor, both at the floor level and in the covering of the pillars, in order to facilitate the orientation of visitors. To mitigate its volumetric impact, planters for growing bamboo have been placed along the perimeter, while three […]

Bergamo, Italy

Icelab, Bergamo, Italia - Moretti Modular Contractor

A two-level service building is located between the two rinks, featuring large full-length glass walls on the second floor, promoting views over the entire indoor facility from the three gyms and the bar. Moretti Modular Contractor’s work also involved the large area outside the ice rink, with the creation of a parking lot, the creation […]

Fiumara Shopping & Fun,
Sampierdarena, Genoa, Italy

Panormaica interno - Fiumara Shopping & Fun, Sampierdarena, Genova, Italia - Moretti Modular Contractor

The intervention was challenging from a structural perspective. In particular, the internal distribution was modified by relocating the two escalators, previously located at the center, to the two ends of the structure, to facilitate better logistics of flows and routes. This required the installation of micropiles in the ground to support the new foundations and […]

Zincol Ossidi,
Cairo Montenotte, Savona, Italy

Zincol Ossidi, Cairo Montenotte, Savona, Italia - Moretti Modular Contractor

The warehouses, built using reinforced concrete prefabrication technology and coloured grit infill panels, feature 24 to 27-metre span roofing and rafters. Photovoltaic panels have been placed on the largest of the four buildings to produce electricity; interior brightness is guaranteed by the presence of continuous or shed industrial skylights. Moretti also built the plinths for […]

Corsico, Milan, Italy

Vidrala, Corsico, Milano, Italia - Moretti Modular Contractor

The renovation work covered a total area of approximately 4,000 m2. Moretti Modular Contractor was responsible for the construction of the prefabricated structure, the sheet metal roofing and the infills, which were built using a metal frame and straight corrugated sheets. The structure is supported, in the highest part, by pillars 30 m high under […]

Passirano, Brescia, Italy

Omal, Passirano, Brescia, Italia - Moretti Modular Contractor

Particular attention was also paid to energy-saving and earthquake-resistant aspects. In particular, panels and roofs with a high degree of thermal insulation were used. The production building has a structural mesh of 22×10 m, with gull-wing beams and, on the roof, sheds and a photovoltaic system. The building, also built in its load-bearing structure with […]

Capergnanica, Cremona, Italy

Office & Headquarters - Lumson, Capergnanica, Cremona, Italia - Moretti Modular Contractor

Moretti Modular Contractor has been able to interpret the original architectural design with great rigour and respect, creating an extremely contemporary building clad entirely in Alucobond. The two-storey structure, which stands out for its lustrous, high-tech character, is softened by the rounded edges with which the main facade of the building is closed on both […]

Franchini Acciai,
Mairano, Brescia, Italy

Franchini Acciai, Mairano, Brescia, Italia - Moretti Modular Contractor

Therefore, the warehouses are designed as large single- and double-bay hangars, with spans of 25 m and heights up to 24 m. The intervention, which is characterized by compliance with the latest anti-seismic regulations and high acoustic insulation, was completed with the construction of plant rooms to serve the hangars. A feature of the intervention […]

Alessandria, Italy

Stabilimento e Sede - Bulgari, Alessandria, Italia - Moretti Modular Contractor

The building is spread over three levels, with a 600 m2 courtyard in the centre that guarantees a high level of natural light. The building is entirely enclosed by a metal skin, with a spacing of about 6 m. Moretti Modular Contractor collaborated in the construction of the building housing the Bulgari factory, supplying and […]